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Business Continuation Plans

“Wait and See” Buy-Sell Strategy

While we have numerous different strategies of buy-sell/stock redemption plans for

Sole Proprietors, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies and Corporations the

“Wait and See” strategy has become increasingly popular.  This strategy allows postponing the decision to use a stock redemption plan or a buy-sell plan until an event triggers the agreement.  The “Wait and See” or Optional Buy-Sell Agreement allows to choose the most advantageous solution at death, disability or retirement.

Business Structures

We have solutions for Sole Proprietors, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies,

Sub S Corporations and C Corporations.  We will provide Highlights of each plan with advantages and disadvantages.  We also will provide a technical preface of the plan and sample documents.

Flow Charts

We will furnish a graphic flow chart of each plan to visualize the mechanics of each plan.

What’s Your Business Worth?

  It is almost impossible to have a meaningful discussion of Business Continuation without having reasonable idea of the value of the business.  We have partnered with one of the nation’s leading valuation firms to provide you with a valuation using four different scenarios: Asset Sale Value, Equity Sale Value, Enterprise Value and Liquidation Value.  The report also includes a twenty plus page report of the Businesses Financial Overview with Key Performance Indicators and Industry Ratios.